Threatened species

Wildhood Foundation have chosen to focus on fighting for the survival of three iconic species in Africa and Indonesia, which are on the fast track towards extinction. By supporting Wildhood you are supporting the fight against poaching and illegal trade in elephants, orangutans and rhinos. Read more about these iconic species and why they are threatened below!

The African Elephant

The African elephant is rated as “vulnerable” and the current rate of decline in population is 8% per year, primarily due to the current poaching crises.

The Orangutan

The Orangutan, resident in Indonesia, is classified as “Critically Endangered”, with about 50,000 individuals left in the remaining forests of Borneo and Sumatra.

The Rhinoceros

Historically there were hundreds of thousands rhinos in Africa, today there are only about 30.000 left and the decline caused by illegal poaching is rapid.