Wildhood is currently in Kenya visiting and learning more about the work done on the ground to protect Kenya’s elephants and rhinos.

Kenya suffered a great loss earlier this year when the elephant bull Satao II was found dead due to poachers. The tusks where still intact, indicating that the poachers must have been scarred off, meaning they where not able to use it for illegal trading. Satao II, named after Satao who was killed in 2014, was one of the few remaining “tusker elephants”, with tusks weighing more than 45kg often reaching the ground. There are only about 25 of the giant tuskers remaining in the world today, many of them in Kenya.

It is an amazing experience seeing these vast and majestic creatures roam free on the African savannah and the thought of them facing extinction due to human activity is unbearable.


Please help us end the killing, stop the illegal trafficking and keep these species safe.

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