This weekend on the 12th of August we saw people around the world joining forces on ”World Elephant day”.

The World Elephant Day brings people together to educate, highlight and protect our elephants from the numerous threats they are facing.The escalation of poaching, habitat loss, human-elephant conflict and mistreatment in captivity are just some of the threats.

In Downtown Manhattan a life-sized ice sculpture of an African elephant was placed in Union Square. During the day, this sculpture melted, symbolizing the alarming rate in which African elephants are continuing to disappear at the hands of poachers.


It is vital to get the worlds attention on elephants. Across Africa it is estimated that one elephant is killed by poachers every 15 minutes.

The African elephant is the largest terrestrial animal left on the planet. They are extraordinary animals, capable of feelings and deep emotions, living in close-knit family constellations and developing lasting friendships, much like humans. They mourn and protect members of their family, young and vulnerable elephants from harm.

Elephants are also important for our environment and ecological system, they are one of the major ways in which trees disperse their seeds, some species rely entirely upon elephants for seed dispersal.

The thought of wild elephants disappearing is unbearable to us and it’s evident that every day needs to be “Elephant Day” if we are to fight the crisis.

Things to do in your everyday life:


  1. Spread the word. Find ways to educate your community, friends and family about the alarming situation. Share social media posts or host a dinner with the aim to discuss and raise awareness. Use your network, do you have friends who can influence and help spread the word?
  2. Don’t buy or sell Ivory. It may seem like a given, but the ivory trade is the biggest threat to elephants and if the demand disappeared, the killing would too.
  3. Join our Community. Become a Wildhood Friend. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out the latest about our partners on the ground and what you can do to support our mission.
  4. Don’t engage in activities involving elephants. Elephant-back safaris are popular in many countries. The conditions and life style that the elephants are subjected to are unnatural and cruel. Avoid circuses and Zoo’s that keep wild elephants in captivity.
  5. Support organisations involved in elephant conservation and anti-poaching. Anti-Poaching Units are ready to fight the poachers, they are the real game changers. These patrols consist of brave rangers who are willing to sacrifice their own life in order to save the wildlife. They live and work under harsh conditions and they need our help. It is an actual war going on, over the last decade 1000 rangers have lost their life protecting our wildlife. Click here to learn how to donate to Wildhood

Photo by: Bernice Glimberg for Wildhood