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Wildhood Foundation 2018 Annual Report

We are happy to launch Wildhood Foundation’s first Annual Report. Our ambition is to present to you what the funds have contributed to in the field. In other words, the Return of your Investment.

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Reason to celebrate

We celebrate that our Christmas Fundraising have this year raised a fantastic 406200 SEK. Thank you to everyone who have contributed, it’s the best gift we could ever wish for!

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This morning our founder Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg was invited to Swedish TV4 to discuss the illegal trade in ivory and how Wildhood Foundation works to help stop it!

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Wildhood’s outdoor campiagn

This summer our first outdoor campaign have been running on digital screens all around the country, reaching over 49 million contacts, totally pro bono!

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We are so happy for our partnership with Wangari Sthlm and the people behind the creative brand. Thank you for supporting our cause!

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Wildhood Foundation is proud to partner with jewellery designer Sophie by Sophie, to launch the Wild Heart collection. A small and delicate family of uneven shaped hearts inspired by Wildhood’s Wild heart.

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the last northern white rhino male on death watch

The fate of the subspecies northern white rhino rests on Sudan’s ability to conceive with the only two females left and with him being gravely ill, fears are rising that the subspecies is closer than ever to extinction.

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