55 elephants are killed ever day

Wildhood Foundation protect elephants and other threatened species from poaching and illegal trade. Our fundraising support local efforts in the field such as park rangers and anti-poaching dogs.

Wild animals in danger during Corona crisis 

As an effect of the Covid-19 crisis we’ve seen devastating consequences for wild animals and their habitats! In the wake of a complete disappearance of tourism as a source of income in many African countries, funding for protection of wilderness areas has been greatly reduced. When vulnerable ecosystems have been abandoned by staff they’ve opened up for poaching syndicates.

Female rangers

Support a ranger!

We support Akashinga – the world’s first fully armed all female anti-poaching squad. Their mission is to protect Africa’s second largest elephant population in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe. Today 110 women are employed by the project and the goal is to have an army of 1000 women by 2026.

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