Next generation wildlife heroes 

Lack of education and poverty contributes to the abuse of our natural environment. Through ignorance and desperation our wild areas are being decimated. We believe education is one of the most powerful tools to protect wildlife and nature. During 2021 we are launching a program of scholarships to 120 kids in 13 schools surrounding the wildlife areas we help protect. 

Scholarships to kids

One scholarship is 1700 SEK per child and cover one year school fee, uniform, books, pens and a camping trip to the bush. 

Akashinga rangers are role models for a whole generation of children growing up wanting to be just like them. The women are going to the local communities and schools to educate about their work and the protection of wildlife and nature. Education is the most powerful tool to end global poverty however many children are deprived of the right to learn when the cost of school fees stands between them and a brighter future.

We are therefore, together with our local partner IAPF, launching a scholarship program to support children’s need for environmental education. The vision is that through these scholarships we can start a movement where the next generation, through learning and understanding, will develop a passion and love for the wild and appreciate the value of what they have around them. For tomorrow’s planet!


This project have two main objectives; firstly the scholarship program which would pay for school fees, uniforms and books for the 120 pupils from 13 schools neighboring the wildlife areas. Secondly to facilitate the introduction of “Wildlife Clubs”. This concept includes wildlife and environmental education through all the schools along with conservation education presentations and other educational activities.

The schools commits to following activities:

  • Let the rangers give regular conservation awareness lessons
  • Let us start building a library of fauna and Flora books
  • Let us screen relevant wildlife films in classrooms
  • Let us do a career guidance with presentation from the rangers

    As we believe there is no better way to foster an appreciation and understanding of wildlife than to expose the children to wildlife first hand we will do annual camping trips for the conservation clubs, guided by our rangers, where the kids can learn to love and protect their natural environment.