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The area we protect

Together with local partner organisations, we protect over 1 million hectares of wilderness in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The Zambezi Valley, one of Southern Africa’s most important ecosystems, is home to Africa’s last large elephant populations along with another 200 species of mammals, 700 species of birds, 1100 species of butterflies, 300 species of reptiles, 150 species of fish and more than 7000 species of plants and tree. The area’s many waterways and canals that link into the Zambezi River make the conservation of these habitats holistic.


  • Recruit, train and deploy more rangers
  • Buy ranger uniforms, boots and euipment
  • Protect larger areas of land and more wild aniamls

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What you support


Through Wildhood, you support Akashinga – the world’s first all-female anti-poaching unit. Since its launch in 2017 Akashinga have archived great results in driving a 80% decrease in poaching and a 400% increase in wildlife populations. Thanks to Wildhood’s donors and partners, the project has grown from 16 to now having 245 rangers in training and work. The goal is to have 1,000 women deployed, protecting a network of 3 million hectares of land, by 2026.

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Dogs have become an important tool in the fight against poaching because they have the ability to see, smell and feel tracks that a human might miss. Wildhood’s dogs work together with park rangers in selected locations around southern Africa where the threat to wild animals is high and extra protection needed. Our dogs can find weapons, ammunition and animal parts that are hidden and smuggled in and out of the reserves but the goal is to stop poachers from even entering areas where the wild animals live.

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Wildhood is the proof of that a small organization can have a great impact. Today we protect over 3 million hecatres of land. Together with our donors and partners we’re creating a world where rhinos, lions and elephants still exist in the wild!

Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg

Founder of Wildhood Foundation


  • 85% wildlife protection
  • 15% overhead costs 

Wildhood is a small and efficient charity. Thanks to partnerships with businesses that support us with non-profit services, we can keep the costs of our operation low. At least 85% of your donation directly benefits the operations we support on the ground. A maximum of 15% will cover fundraising and administrative costs*. In 2021, 5.5% of Wildhood’s fundraising was spent on these costs.

*According to Swedish law these costs cannot exceed 25%. 

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