Wildhood Foundation

Wildhood Foundation is a Swedish based non-profit organization fighting poaching and trafficking of wild thretened species in Africa and Indonesia. Wildhood was founded in 2016 as a reaction to the escalating poaching crises, with the objective to save our most threatened species from extinction in their natural habitats.

Founder and CEO is Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg. Her profession is Marketing and PR, and she has been devoted to conservation since her time working at a chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya years ago.

”It was not difficult to fall in love with Africa. I remember waking up when the sun was raising over the beautiful landscape next to Mount Kenya, with all of the iconic African species living in harmony. A magic world where us humans are only guests! The threat against our wildlife today is severe, and the fact that many species might be gone with our lifetime made me realize it’s time to act. Out from a dream, and the idea that everything is possible, I started Wildhood Foundation. A small charity with big dreams and one goal – to protect and save threatened species from extinction. While there is still a chance. I simply refuse to live in a world where elephants, rhinos, lions, pangolins, apes and giraffes no longer exist in the wild. A reality which is now sadly within sight. No one can do everything but I believe everyone can do something and together we can make this world a happier place for all lives. Today, and for generations to come! 

Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg, Wildhood Foundation


To maximize the impact Wildhood donates 100% of all funds raised straight to support anti-poaching and anti-trafficking operations on the ground where the threat is at its worst, and where the efforts put into protection makes a difference. 



Team Wildhood

Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg

Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg

Founder and CEO

Email me at: filippa(at)wildhood.org
Call me at +46 (0) 72 449 1500


Fanny Wiseby

Fanny Wiseby

Fundraising & Partnerships

Email me at: fanny(at)wildhood.org


Bernice Glimberg

Bernice Glimberg

Content & Editorial

Email me at bernice(at)wildhood.org