Help us save the rhinos

Every 8 hour a rhino is killed for its horn.
Poaching and illegal trade in wild animals is pushing rhinos and other threatened species towards extinction. 


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Elephants can face extinction

Every day 100 elephants are killed for the value of their tusks. In only 7 years Africa have lost 30% of its elephant population. 


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Poaching and illegal trade in wild animals is considered as the single largest threat to some of the world’s most iconic species. Support our work to protect these species, before it’s too late!


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Wildhood's ADJÖ campaign


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Every SEK we raise will go straight to support our local partners on the ground.
Every SEK makes a difference and help save lives. 

For us everyday is “World Elephant Day”

This weekend on the 12th of August we saw people around the world joining forces on ”World Elephant day”. The World Elephant Day brings people together to educate, highlight and protect our elephants from the numerous threats they are facing.The escalation of...

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World Ranger Day

Today is World Ranger Day and around the globe people are raising awareness and paying tribute to those on the front line in the battle to protect our natural heritage. Rangers work under a constant threat in the field, may it be from the animals they protect,...

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Wildhood Foundation was founded in 2016 as a reaction to the escalating poaching crises targeting wild animals i Africa and Indonesia. Wildhood’s overriding objective is to fight poaching and illegal trafficking of threatened species and to preserve our most iconic species from extinction in their natural habitats. The last decade’s strong growth in Asia has led to a rising demand for parts of wild animals as status symbols and the trade is considered to be one of the world’s largest criminal businesses ranked after the trade in drugs, weapons and humans. Another major threat to wild animals is habitat loss caused by destruction, with forests being illegaly logged or burned. 

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What is Wildhood doing?

  • Help increase financial donations with the aim to fight poaching and illegal trade in wild animals
  • Help increase the knowledge about poaching and trafficking of wild animals
  • Help reduce the demand for poaching related products
  • Fundraise to support selected local organisations in Africa and Indonesia that protects the threatened species
  • Donate 100 % of the funds being raised


your donation is safe with us

Wildhood Foundation is determined to make a difference for the threatened species. To optimize our impact, we will donate 100 % of all funds being raised. This is being enabled thanks to sponsors that help us cover our costs. Raised funds will go straight to the local organizations that Wildhood have chosen to support and work with. Do you want to contribute to the fight against poaching and illegal trade? Do you want to make a difference? Here’s how you can help!

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