Your donation makes difference!

Our fundraising supports the hands-on work to protect wild animals from poaching and illegal trade. Every day 55 elephants and 3 rhinos are killed for their ivory and horns. Every 5 minutes a pangolin is taken from the wild. Your donation help us protect more wildlife and bigger areas of land in southern Africa!

We are determined to make as much difference as possible and to maximize our impact we are supported by Corporate Partners and Co-Funders who is generously helping to cover the costs for keeping us operational during 2020. 

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You can also Swish to 1230230078 or use our Plusgiro 827373-2

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Where does your donation go? 

In Africa there is a battle to protect wild animals from poachers. 
Our fundraising support selected operations which physically protects wild animals from poaching and illegal trade.  

Here are some examples of what funds are used for: 

Salaries and uniforms for female park rangers 
Field equipment such as backpacks, torches, binoculars & night vision 
Weapons, ammunition, batons, handcuffs & pepper spray 
Communication equipment, telephones & VHF-radios 
Patrol vehicles & motor bikes  
First-Aid kits & medicines 
Food & water