Wildhood projects

Wildhood Foundation is a Swedish based non-profit organization fighting poaching and illegal trafficking of wild endangered species in Africa and Indonesia. Wildhood was founded in 2016 as a reaction to the escalating poaching crises, with the objective to fight the illegal poaching and to preserve some of our most iconic species from extinction in their natural habitats.

We are working hard to find the very right projects and organizations in Africa and Indonesia to support and work with, focusing on quality and long term collaboration. All potential projects have to go though a detailed list of demands to make it as a Wildhood Foundation certified partner.

As a first step, Wildhood is in November 2016 on going to Indonesia’s rain forests on Borneo and Sumatra to visit organizations fighting for the survival and conservation of orangutans.

Next step is to in January 2017 visit South Africa where there is a war going on to save rhinos and elephants from the brutal poachers. Here, Wildhood will identify and support Anti-poaching units working tirelessly, day and night, risking their own life to protect our precious wildlife. This is an important part of conservation for the most threatened species.

We look forward to presenti our first partners at the beginning of 2017, and we hope you will be as eager to support them as we are cause they really do need our help! 100% of the funds that we raise will be donated to these organization.

Also, some really good news are that we are being supported by the amazing Light in the Dark Exhibition taking place at Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm, where all profits from the sales of Conservation Photographer Tom Svensson’s illuminated photographs are being donated to Wildhood Foundation. How good is that?!!

Do you have a project or organization you’d like to see listed below? Please contact us.

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